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Once there, try looking for a "boot order" screen that will list your floppy, cd-rom, and hard drives with a number, (typically 1-3), look for instructions on the screen on how to make changes, and move your floppy to 1 and cd-rom to 2, find a way to exit and be sure to save your changes. If you are using the cd or usb solutions, move those before hard drive. Once you are logged in to your recovery console, select the number that represent your c: drive more than likely it will be 1. Follow the recovery console instructions from here: hardware problems. If you do not see the screen come up with the different selections and immediately goes back to the "ntldr is missing, press any key to restart" error, then you will need to change the "boot order" in your systems bios to first select the floppy drive (sometimes called "removable media drive") before it tries to boot to the hard disk (sometimes called "fixed disk" drive).

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Get an installation cd: (the full version of the windows xp cd, the upgrade version is non-bootable). If reading stuff online feels like you are going in circles and you need some serious help, avaya definity g3r manually a 3 donation, i'll provide at least 5 email responses and see what i can do, use this form to send me the note and you don't have avaya definity g3r manually make your donation until i reply back (usually within 12 hours). To get to the bios, when the computer first starts try pressing the ctrl or esc or end or delete or f1-12 keys to get it to stop trying to load windows and instead avaya definity g3r manually to a screen that allows you to make configuration changes to your machine. Then we know that the programs are fine, and the 3 startup files are fine, but perhaps avaya definity g3r manually mbr is incorrect. At best your data is still intact, so you can put the drive in another computer and avaya definity g3r manually it up. What if none of the options worked. Correcting the mbr takes a few different directions, choose any of the following sections: installation cd option. Performing a "repair" installation of windows. If your still looking for help, of all the other online avaya definity g3r manually ups, i found this the most helpful (be sure to first select what you were doing that got you into the ntldr situation): http:www.

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You also may be having hard drive failure problems, here's a handy thread to check for avaya definity g3r manually problems: http:www. Ini file and change any mention of "windows" to "shinyhappypeople" like so: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)shinyhappypeople"1st try this" save changes, and put the disk back in and continue on trying the 10 choices. You can choose to repair a windows installation from the recovery console. It will ask for your admin avaya definity g3r manually, enter it you have one or just hit enter if you don't know it. " and you need to press a key on the keyboard to have it begin booting from the cd) recovery console option. If neither of those options worked, try checking your hardware, replace cables, try different power cable, ensure jumpers are avaya definity g3r manually properly, ensure that the drive you want to boot from is on the primary ide connection (ide 0) and is set as the first device on the ide cable (master). If using the boot disk to create a new mbr and ntldr did not help, or copying the files to the root of the c: drive and you remove the disk and still get the message when you boot up, your options for a solution diverge into different areas.

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Start your computer with your xp (or 2000) cd (in your bios "boot sequence" the cd-rom will need to be accessed before the hard drive, and a dialog will appear that says "press any key to boot from cd. What if i don't see this screen. You can most likely save your data, but if your okay with losing it, fdisk to erase all your partitions, recreate one as primary, set it to active, and format it, run sys c: and see if you can't reboot to at least a c: prompt. Com articlesrepair_windows_xp.